Body After Baby

When I was pregnant, I ate like a 250 pound grown man. I rarely told myself no. I gave into most all of my cravings. And I craved the worst things…fried chicken tenders from Raising Canes, cupcakes, gum balls, popsicles, just to name a few. Frankly, I went nuts. I remember looking in the mirror in my 9-month and thinking to myself, “what in the world have you done to yourself, girl?”
By the end of my pregnancy, I had packed on nearly 50 pounds. The funny thing is I wasn’t super worried about losing the baby weight. I figured since I’ve been relatively thin my whole life and my parents are (and have always been) in pretty good shape, I’d be OK. So imagine my surprise a month, 2 months, and 3 months after baby was born, to find the weight still lingering. I found myself feeling pretty frustrated by the amount of time it was taking to drop the pounds. Sometime between months 1 and 2, I decided to get serious and ordered Focus T25 and joined a T25 Facebook accountability group. So yeah, that didn’t go so well. I lasted a solid 2 weeks and decided that being a new mom was all the work out I had energy for. And let’s be honest, I’ve never been that great at sticking to any kind of fitness regimen.
Fast forward to today. Turns out I was able to lose the weight without working out, after all. Nearly 6 months after baby, I’m back down to my pre-baby weight. BUT my body is SO different. It’s a bit…fluffy. And everything fits differently. Everything. So I’m not off the hook just yet…looks like I’ll still need to work out to get rid of the fluffy middle and extra meat around the hip and thigh areas. I’ve also been surprised by certain body parts that have become, shall we say, saggy. Pretty sure I’ve always wanted bigger boobs, but not the big, saggy kind. Sheesh.
Anyway, I try not to beat myself up about it. Rather, reveling in the fact that the Lord equipped my little ‘ol body to carry a baby full-term. That’s pretty amazing. And worth a little extra fluff.

cargo jacket & dress: GAP Outlet // boots: Nine West Outlet
necklace: Francesca’s Collections // Michael Kors bag: consignment
sunglasses: Rayban