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Small Portable Stage For Sale

Portable Stage: The Perfect Item for Any Occasion or Event  

What is a portable stage?  

A portable stage is a perfect item for any event or occasion. It’s often used for concerts, troupes or theatre, churches, magic shows, store openings, hotel events, business meetings, fashion shows, performances and assemblies. 

Portable stages typically come in a variety of sizes and types, depending on your needs. You can choose from a couple of deck surfaces: carpeted, plywood decking and aluminum decking. Depending on your preferences, a portable stage can include a roof with lights, a loading ramp, stairs, safety railings, a roof, a backdrop, and skirting.  

The type you decide to use will depend on how much weight it needs to carry and what type of finish you want for your stage floor. 

Have you been looking for a way to make your next event more memorable? 

If yes, then With a portable stage, you’ll be able to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone at your event. It is the best way to create excitement and anticipation before the big show starts! Plus, it’ll give people something fun to do while they wait for their turn on stage. And when it comes time for the main event, you’ll have plenty of room backstage, thanks to this lightweight but sturdy structure. 

Portable Stage For Sale 

Our company has the most customizable, portable stages with compact storage in the market today. The kits are ready to use, and we provide everything you need for constructing your perfect stage, including platforms, risers and any hardware required. They are completely customizable with fixed and adjustable heights, optional guardrails, stage skirting in different color choices, and portable steps for all sizes. Some are the features discussed below we are offering in portable stages.  

Durability and easy to use 

 Each stage deck has a durable connection system to ensure durability and sturdiness, and you have your choice of surface materials and frame to ensure your 100% satisfaction.  

We offer a variety of staging options to meet your needs! And because our staging is modular and works like Lego building blocks, if you ever need to make your stage bigger for future purposes, don’t worry. We sell individual parts so you can build up your stage size or shape easily when needed. 

Our portable stages are equipped with a 157lbs per square foot deck surface and can even support cars! Optional accessories such as Stage skirts, Stage Guard Rails, Stage Backdrops, Stage Ramps and Transportation.  

The portable stage is easily assembled and disassembled, so we can store it away until it’s time to perform again when the space is needed for another purpose.  

Convenient And Lightweight 

Our portable stages can be easily stored when the event is done. When the time breaks down, you’ll find that our staging system is very compact, convenient and can easily be stored in a relatively small space. They are also designed to be lightweight, foldable and easy for one person to assemble.

Expandable And Upgradable 

One of the great things about portable stages is that as your needs change, you can customize them to continue accommodating changing production requirements. Platforms and risers are available individually, so you can tailor staging for small or large events no matter what the configuration. 

Flexibility in Size, Shape and configurations 

NexGen portable staging offers the perfect solution for small businesses that do not have the space to keep a traditional stage setup. However, our stages are versatile and can be configured for use, including concerts of all sizes in outdoor amphitheaters or indoor conference centers. 

Stage Accessories 


We recommend adding steps for portable stages set up on a surface of 8.5 or higher. We provide various step options with or without handrails. 


Guardrails are a safety precaution to prevent accidents, as small children can fall off the stage or if the portable stage is set up at more than 16″. We recommend three sides of guardrails for most stage set-ups. 


If you want a more professional look, skirts are the best choice. If you want to be more polished, surround the stage with skirts on three sides. However, if the stage is right in the middle or has seating around it, a stage skirt can be used on all four sides.

Drum Risers

If a band is performing on the portable stage, you should get a drum riser for the drum set. Drum risers help decouple the drums from the walls and the floor and help with the sound of the drums. Drum risers also give the drums a much purer sound. 

Mobile Stage wheels 

It is a good option if you are at an event where you need to quickly remove the stage from the area. Instead of dismantling the stage, you can wheel it out of the way as one mobile unit. 


Handicapped ramps provide a handicap-accessible means for equipment or small performers to be wheeled on and off a stage. All handicapped ramps are ADA compliant and come standard with handrails. Equipment ramps do not come with handrails but are not ADA compliant. 

 Seated risers Choral risers and catwalks 

Catwalks, Choral risers and seated risers are also accessories you can add to your stage. Catwalks are great for fashion shows. Seated risers can be set up in different configurations surrounding the stage so people in the audience can watch the performance with or without their seats, and Choral risers can be used. 

How much does a portable stage cost? 

A portable stage platform prices vary as per their size and dimensions.  Check out our website for pricing details or get free quotes.

Small Portable Stage For Sale