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Summit Lifts A Brief History

´╗┐Summit Lifts A Brief History

People who are physically handicapped or disabled often have trouble going up and down the stairs. For many this can mean not having access to a large portion of your home, or relying on others to help you up and down the stairs. A much better and safer alternative is to invest in a stair lift. A stair lift is a motorized device that physically carries an individual up and down the stairs. Usually a stair lift will utilize a chair to carry the person, but there are some stair lifts that utilize a small platform called a perch. There are several prominent manufactures of stair lifts today, and one company that has been very successful is Summit Lifts, Inc.

Summit Lifts Inc. has over 75 years of experience in the stair lift industry, and prides itself on good old fashioned business values and quality customer service. Its founders all have very deep roots in the stair lift industry and have devoted much of their lives to these great devices. It is not often that you find people with such a personal connection to their products, but each of the founders of Summit is completely dedicated to quality as opposed to quantity.

Mark Hill began working for a company that manufactured stair lifts in 1972. He continued to work there for over 20 years and learned about all aspects that are involved with the development, creation, and maintenance of stair lifts. In 1981 Mike Vogt began working at the same company as Mark Hill. Vogt spent 10 years designing lifts, and also considerable time in the customer service department at the company. Mark and Mike had intended to stay working at this company until retirement, but due to a corporate take over were unable to fulfill this goal.

Instead they joined forces with a very talented individual named Mark Jackson and Summit Stair Lifts was born. Mark Jackson brought to the table an in depth knowledge of Computer Aided Design and precision machining skills. With this incredible powerhouse of experience and ability it is no wonder that they are one of the leading manufacturers of stair lifts today. They focus on quality, precision, and reliability and do not believe in cutting corners to cut costs.

The founders of Summit Stair Lifts are dedicated family men that understand the meaning of integrity, faith, and responsibility. They have applied these same standards that have served them well in their personal life to their business, and this is in part what makes them such a great company. Their products are all manufactured in the United States, and are built with an attention to detail that is seldom found in today’s world of assembly lines and mass production facilities.

There are many different manufacturers of stair lifts today, but few compare with Summit Stair Lifts, Inc. Their company motto is “Taking you to new heights” and this is just what they have done. They have continued to manufacture products that are reliable and in many ways bring back the good old days when products were made using quality manufacturing techniques that focus on dependability rather than cost.